Our Mission

At SPORTS Across Ireland, we use sports and other programmes to keep the youth of Ballymun and other communities engaged in positive activities. Our programmes strive to combat anti-social behaviour of bullying, addiction, crime and self-harm through teaching youth to respect themselves, others and their community. Our programmes at SAI are fun, safe and purposefully designed to build faith, character and self-esteem into today's youth - tomorrow's leaders!

What are our goals?

SAI's goals are to raise healthy children – mind, body and spirit!

SAI desires to... Help transform children, families and communities.

Provide a safe environment for children to have fun.

Provide positive experiences and memories for children to bring into adulthood.

Help develop better teamwork, social skills and friendships with their peers.

Teach and show children what good sportsmanship is and is not.

Help children improve their fitness levels by being active in sport.

Replace oppression with a positive outlook in life.

Empower children to be all they were meant to be in life!

Remind children that everyone is a winner – just as they are!

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