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Dan Tabb, CEO

When and how did you get involved with SI / SAI?
I founded Sportslife International in the USA in 1999 as a charity to raise funds which would allow us to come and serve the community of Ballymun, as well as other parts of Ireland, through sports.  I founded Sports Across Ireland in 2006 as a non profit organization to further advance our work here in Ballymun and Ireland.

What was your first impression of Ballymun?

I first seen Ballymun on St. Patrick's day in 2000.  I was touched in my spirit instantly and the place, as well as people, have captured my heart ever since.  Ballymun did remind me a bit of the Bronx in New York as I drove around the place.  

What has been most rewarding bit of working with SI / SAI so far?

I love doing what I do - organizing programmes, activities, events and people (thats the toughest part).  Creating a place for people to come that is safe, fun and where there is an opportunity to discover who they are and what their gifts are is very rewarding.  Seeing children (and adults) break free from oppression and into a healthy self esteem is priceless!

What has been toughest part, biggest struggle to date?

People's presumptive judgements who I've never met, visited our programmes or taken time to understand what we are trying to accomplish for the people and community of Ballymun.  

What are some things you still want to see happen?  What is your hope for the future?

Ballymun be a community, between all 5 areas.  The people (children and adults) of Ballymun to be set free from all that hinders them from becoming all they are meant to be and experience in life.  Families to enjoy time together, adults to serve their children as volunteers and todays children to become tomorrows leaders!


Our Faithful Sponsors

At SAI we know that we are only one part of the team that is working to better the Ballymun community, and we want to acknowledge and thank all of those who work alongside us providing resources, financial support, and prayer.


Dublin City Council

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